In The Faithful Traveler in Portugal, Diana and David von Glahn explore some of the many sacred sites that dot the Portuguese landscape. From monasteries and convents to cathedrals and shrines, there is a lot for the faithful traveler to see in this amazing country, beginning with its most famous—Fátima—and including many breathtaking sacred sites throughout Portugal’s beautiful cities of Lisbon, Santarem, Coimbra, Batalha, Alcobaça, Porto, Braga, and more!

As the show’s host, Diana von Glahn presents the history behind these awesome sacred sites in a fun and informative way that will inspire viewers to visit Portugal on their own, or allow virtual travelers to see things they might never have seen! Just in time for pilgrims to begin planning their trips to World Youth Day in Lisbon, in 2023! 

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Ep 1: The Faithful Traveler in Fátima, Part I: Explores the history of the Marian apparitions at Fatima, which occurred more than 100 years ago.

Ep 2: The Faithful Traveler in Fátima, Part II: A tour of the shrine at Fátima that was built after the Marian apparitions of 1917.

Ep 3: The Faithful Traveler in Lisbon:  Visit some of the many amazing sacred sites of Lisbon, including sacred sites associated with St Anthony—some say of Padua, but the Portuguese say of Lisbon! Including the church built atop his home, the Cathedral where he was baptized, and the monastery where he first entered religious life, plus more!

Ep 4: The Faithful Traveler in Lisbon Again:  There’s so much to Lisbon, it needs two episodes! In this episode, we’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, enjoy the best custard cakes in the world at Pastéis de Belém, and learn about the Torre de Belém, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Calçada a Portuguesa, and more!

Ep 5: The Faithful Traveler’s Day Trips from Fátima—Santarem, Nazaré, Alcobaça:  Journey beyond Fatima to see a Eucharistic miracle, a shrine and a monastery built in thanksgiving for a life saved and a country formed.

Ep 6: The Faithful Traveler’s More Day Trips from Fátima—Batalha, Leiria, Tomar:  The wonders of Portugal continue as Diana explores the Mosteiro da Batalha, Leiria Castle, and the splendiferous and vast Convento do Cristo, once the HQ of the Knights Templar.

Ep 7: The Faithful Traveler in Coimbra:  We explore Coimbra’s treasures in this episode, where we see the remains and legacies of St Isabel of Portugal and Portugal’s first King, Afonso Henriques.

Ep 8: The Faithful Traveler in Porto, Part I:  There’s more to Porto than just wine! In this episode, we explore the magnificent Cathedral and the gold-covered Igreja da São Francisco. We have lunch along the beautiful Cais da Ribeira, then take a tour of the Ferreira Port Wine House!

Ep 9: The Faithful Traveler in Porto, Part II:  There’s so much to Porto, we continue exploring its many beautiful sacred sites in this episode, beginning with some sustenance at Cafe Santiago, where we have the Portuguese answer to the Croque Monsieur, the Francesinha! We visit the Santa Casa da Misericordia do Porto Museum and Church,  two connected  Carmelite churches and finish off at the Igreja dos Clerigos, where we get the best view of the city.

Ep 10: The Faithful Traveler in Braga, Part I:  There is so much to see in the northern city of Braga, we take our time, beginning with its beautiful and vast Sé, then we make our way to one of Portugal’s most popular sites, Bom Jesus do Monte, where we climb more than 500 stairs in reparation!

Ep 11: The Faithful Traveler in Braga, Part II:  In this final episode, we explore two more sacred sites in Braga: the country’s second largest Marian shrine, the Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Sameiro,  roam the grounds of the Mosteiro de São Martinho de Tibães, and end at the petite Capela Árvore da Vida in Braga’s seminary.

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Sites we visit in the Fátima episodes:

  • Aljustrel: where the three little shepherds were born and where they lived during and after the apparitions.
  • Parish Church: the church where Lúcia, Francisco, and Jacinta were baptized and where their families celebrated Mass.
  • Caminho dos Pastorinhos: The walkway through the grass and trees where the children walked on their way to the Cova.
  • Loca do Cabeço: Where the children met and prayed with the Angel of Portugal.
  • Cova da Iria: The field where the children met the Mother of God.
  • Valinhos: Where the children met the Virgin Mary after having missed their meeting with her in August.
  • Old Basilica: The beautiful old basilica where the three little shepherds are buried.
  • Statue of Mary: Learn about the American priest who carved the statue of Mary that adorns the Basilica, and the story behind its creation.
  • Capelinha: The little chapel built atop the site of the holm oak tree, atop which Mary hovered during her meetings with the children.
  • New Basilica of the Holy Trinity: The modern basilica built to keep pilgrims warn during the blustery months.
  • Papal Statues: Learn why there are statues of Pope St John Paul II and Pope Paul VI at the shrine.
  • Berlin Wall: See the remnant of the Berlin Wall brought to Fátima, to give thanks to Our Lady for her intercession in bringing peace to Eastern Europe.
  • Via Sacra: Walk the beautiful Stations of the Cross, donated by grateful Hungarians, and see the stunning chapel of St Stephen at the end, with the amazing statues of Calvary at the summit.
  • Sister Ângela de Fátima Coelho: Meet the effervescent and knowledgable Sr Angela, a religious, a medical doctor, and the Vice-Postulator of the causes of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta Marto at the Casa das Candeias—the House of Candles—headquarters of the cause and a museum dedicated to the lives and spirituality of Francisco and Jacinta Marto.
  • Candlelight Rosary: See the candlelight rosary procession.
  • Adeus! And wave your white hanky adeus (goodbye) with all the other pilgrims.

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 In the remaining episodes, we explore more of the amazing country of Portugal, including these amazing sacred sites:

Monastery of St Martin of Tibães

New Monastery of Saint Clare

Torre de Belem

Castelo São Jorge

Pasteis de Belem


Church of St Anthony

Sanctuary of Bom Jesus

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro

Monastery of Alcobaça

Monastery at Batalha

  • Lisbon: Monastery of St Vicente de Fora, Church of Saint Anthony, Lisbon’s Cathedral, Old Church of Our Lady of the Conception, Church of St Dominic, Carmelite Convent, Church of St Roch & Museum, Castle of St George, Monastery of Hieronymites, Pastéis de Belém, Tower of Bethlehem, Discoveries Monument, Monument to Christ, Tile Museum & Mother of God Convent
  • Santarem: Church of the Holy Miracle, where a Eucharistic Miracle occurred
  • Nazaré: Church of Our Lady of Nazaré, Funicular, Memory Hermitage
  • Tomar: Convent of Christ, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, once a Templar Castle and the Convent of the Knights of Christ
  • Batalha: Monastery of Batalha, a magnificent Gothic masterpiece that was once a Dominican monastery, built at the end of the 14th century by King João I, in thanksgiving for victory in the battle of Aljubarrota
  • Alcobaça: Monastery of Alcobaça, ​one of the first Cistercian monastic foundations in Portugal
  • Coimbra: New and Old Cathedral, Monastery of Santa Cruz, New Monastery of Saint Clare, Old Monastery of Saint Clare
  • Porto: Cathedral of Porto, Church of St Francis, Church of St Clare, Carmelite Church, Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Church of the Holy House of Mercy
  • Braga: Shrine of Good Jesus of the Mount, Cathedral of Braga, Monastery of St Martin of Tibães, Shrine of Our Lady of Sameiro, Tree of Life Chapel


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