Our Partners and Sponsors

We wouldn’t be able to do The Faithful Traveler without the generous support and kind assistance of the following companies and groups, and their amazing people. We are grateful to them all.

Our Partners

Led by the amazingly generous and entrepreneurial Edita Krunic, Select International Tours made our first trip to the Holy Land possible, enabling us to film and produce The Faithful Traveler in the Holy Landwhich premiered on EWTN in February 2014. Because of the success of that series, the Israel Ministry of Tourism and the Jordan Tourism Board felt confident to invite us to the Holy Land in 2014 to film a new production on Pope Francis’ pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Edita has introduced others to Diana and The Faithful Traveler, making it possible for Diana to speak at conferences such as the Catholic Press Association’s Catholic Media Conference in Charlotte, NC in June 2014, and helping introduce her to others who are excited to help Diana and David produce future series of The Faithful Traveler. Diana and David have also teamed up with Select International Tours to organize their own pilgrimages to locations where they have filmed series of The Faithful Traveler. Edita’s collaboration with The Faithful Traveler goes beyond that of mere sponsor. She is our friend, mentor, patron, and inspiration. We are grateful to her for believing in us.

Our Sponsors