The last time I posted was a few days ago. If you’re not following me on social media or on this page I created for those who don’t care too much for social media, you’re not getting the daily, regular updates and images from my trip.

Blogging takes time and effort, and I have not had much of that left at the end of every day.

But BOY, my heart–and hard drive–is FULL of images and stories to tell you.

For now, a brief image journey.

Monday, April 13th, we visited the Citadel in Amman. Lots of ruins. Great views.

DVGTFTJordanApr1301.IMG_5373We saw the city where it is believed Elijah was born. COOL.

DVGTFTJordanApr1302.IMG_5409Then we travelled to visit Our Lady of the Mount, a small church where Abouna (Father) Hugo–from Argentina–is doing amazing work ministering to his flock, Muslims and Christians. The church has the most amazing icons of the Mysteries of the Rosary and a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother and baby Jesus.

Tuesday, April 14th, was an amazing day of reuniting with dear friends. I was blessed to see Rustom Mhkjian again and get an amazing tour of Bethany Beyond the Jordan. This man is not only brilliant, but he is adorable!

DVGTFTJordanApr1401.IMG_5490I saw some things here I missed last time, like this view:


And the Catholic Church, still under construction, but which will be the biggest Catholic Church in the Middle East once it’s done!

DVGTFTJordanApr1408.IMG_5624 DVGTFTJordanApr1409.IMG_5626

This place is just amazing.

DVGTFTJordanApr1404.IMG_5579 DVGTFTJordanApr1403.IMG_5533 DVGTFTJordanApr1405.IMG_5585 DVGTFTJordanApr1406.IMG_5588 DVGTFTJordanApr1407.IMG_5597 DVGTFTJordanApr1410.IMG_5648

We visited Madaba, where we saw the 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land inside of the Greek orthodox Church of St George.

DVGTFTJordanApr1411.IMG_5670 DVGTFTJordanApr1412.IMG_5682

Then, we climbed to Mount Nebo, where I met Father Fergus Clarke, yet again. I’ve been blessed to see this man three times in my life. What are the odds I’ll get a fourth? Or fifth? Pray for it, will you? He is awesome.

DVGTFTJordanApr1416.IMG_5737 DVGTFTJordanApr1415.IMG_5727 DVGTFTJordanApr1413.IMG_5702

And then there’s that view…

DVGTFTJordanApr1414.IMG_5711 DVGTFTJordanApr1417.IMG_5739 DVGTFTJordanApr1418.IMG_5741

Theres so much more to tell you about, like what happened on Wednesday and Thursday! We went to PETRA! And today, we’re going to Mukawir, where John the Baptist was martyred!

But for now, I’m off to breakfast.

I am praying for you all every step of the way, kids! Keep praying for me and my companions. They are awesome!