At one point during our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we had to walk through the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem to get to the Western Wall. The CUTEST little girl–ok, she was probably 13 or so, she’s the one with the blue backwards cap–came up to me, I’m guessing to ask what we were filming for. But she asked in Hebrew, and as I don’t speak Hebrew, I asked her if she spoke English.

“A leetle,” she said, meekly.

The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by the most adorable, enthusiastic, excited kids. This clip is a snippet from my time with them.

Now, I’m not the best with kids, let me just say. If I hadn’t been so worried about getting everything just right, I might have been able to actually chat with them and find out what it was like to be a kid in Israel. But my mind was racing.

“Watch out for pick pockets… I don’t have anything in my pockets… I don’t think… Our group is leaving us… Don’t step on Sony’s cord… where’s David…”

Ugh. Next time, I’m bringing a Production Assistant.

For now, enjoy this little bit of Israeli LIFE. I love the end. It gives me hope. I hope these kids run for office some day. 🙂

“We want Shalom.” We want peace.