Do you live in or around New York City?

If so, consider attending some of the upcoming events at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Starting this Saturday, they’re having a Franciscan Mission with Father Groeschel’s CFRs and the young and fabulous Sisters of Life! If you haven’t met any members of these religious communities, you must! They are fabulous and vibrant, and really show the youth and vitality in our Church.

Plus, this mission sounds SO cool, and we’ll be shooting this Monday. Here is a bit from the cathedral’s website:

A “Franciscan Mission” will be held here from Saturday May 2 to Thursday May 7. The mission will be preached by Fr. Anthony Marie Baetzold. He will be joined by members of the Friars of the Renewal and the Sisters of Life who will conduct “street evangelization”, inviting parishioners and residents and visitors to join them in prayer. Every night – Sunday to Thursday – there will be a Holy Hour in the church with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Consult the calendar below for details on the exact time for the Holy Hours. The Mission will begin with Mass on Saturday, May 2 at 5:30 PM followed by a “Meet the Friars” wine reception.

Also, this year is Old St. Patrick’s 200th anniversary, and on June 7th, they’re having a big celebration, with the new Archbishop celebrating the Mass, and a parade and concerts, and all sorts of fun stuff! They’ve created a special website for the event:

We’ll be there, will you?