The Blessed Virgin Mary as depicted in a window at St Alphonsus Church in Baltimore, MD

God is GOOD. And I love applications that work the way they’re supposed to.

Our new blog and webpages are up, our website is updated! We’re good to go! Check out our photos. I must admit, I’ve gotten better at shooting big Cathedrals and churches of late than I did when I started. Who knew that the little flash on my camera wouldn’t work in St. Patrick’s Cathedral?… well… ok. It was a long shot. Still, on my recent trip to Baltimore, I was trying my best to channel all the good photographer vibes I could, and it seemed to work! I’m sure my incessant praying helped, too!

So, here’s the trick, if you ever want to shoot big churches and cathedrals and actually have good pictures come out of it:

    1. USE A TRIPOD!
    2. Ditch the flash
    3. Open up that aperture

Why? Well, this is what I’ve learned, and it’s only after asking all my friends who shoot well, and even that is only after I got a digital camera. (I use a Canon Rebel digital, by the way. Nothing fancy.)

You use a tripod because you are ditching your flash and opening up your aperture. What that means is, you’re telling your camera to use all of the light in the room, and you’re opening it up so it can. That usually means that ANY vibration—and I mean ANY—will produce blurry photos. Hence the tripod. Oh, and you might need a remote, too. When I shot close ups with my 300m zoom lens, even with the tripod, I got blurry pix. There’s only so much that image stabilization can do.

So, you do that, take the pic, and instead of the canny-looking photos you’ll see in my St. Patrick’s pix (I didn’t bring my tripod), you’ll see the amazing photos from my trip to Baltimore. Check out the Basilica. Granted, the place is well lit. Ok, look at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. That Cathedral is GINORMOUS! And I would never have gotten the light I got in those photos had I used a flash.

So try it. Someday, after we’re done writing, shooting, editing, and delivering all these shows, we’ll put some fun “how tos” up on the site, for all of you who want to do what we’re doing—make something cool.

In the meantime, I’m well on my way with the EA Seton script, part deux. I’ve decided—since she lived in NYC, Baltimore, and Emmitsburg—to do two shows on her instead of one. That way, we’ll end up visiting four places instead of just two. I still have to talk to the people at the NYC Shrine and at St Peter’s at Ground Zero (where she was converted). So pray for us! Our next shoot is in Emmitsburg at the end of this month! MUCH TO DO!

For now, it’s sleepytime. Buenas noches everyone!